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« CEWROOM » new born…..

eclectic is a retail concept for decoration objects and design furniture, created by CEWROOM, our distribution channel, in order to learn about consumer’s buying experience. Our aim is to understand each day better how we can create value added to the retail chain and help our buyers to provide a buy experience to their consumers, which reveals to be unique.

eclectic celebrates the 6 senses (6th sense: mind or and memory according to the Buddhist and Jewish cultures) and the 5 elements (fire, water, air, earth and the 5th can change according to different cultures, it can be metal, ether, void..); we create a space where customers shall feel like a moment of discovery, a relaxing experience, enjoying the fun of experimentation.

In our shop our customers will experience exotic ambience essences, tastes, touches, music, products, and atmosphere, the concept of the store is a short vacation from the daily routine.

Our products have the faces of the artists and communities behind, our project has been based on choosing suppliers who are ecologically and socially responsible and artistically authentic!

Our portfolio offers lighting articles, pottery, crystals, panels, sculptures, mirrors, hides, table articles, design furniture. Our portfolio is dynamic, meaning that we change our suppliers constantly and has as target to create a new experience to our consumers, by each visit to our shop, and at the same time we give the opportunity to different suppliers and artists to use our shop as an arena to promote their products.

eclectic style is a mixture of different cultures and styles, we offer originality!

eclectic is located in Lausanne, in the most sophisticated downtown part of the city, a neighbourhood full of worldwide known luxury brands.

Our next step is to open a showroom at Montreux area, and who knows next year a franchising system? 

Do you like this style? Or better this mix of styles? This is “Viver de Arte”

Written by david anderson

" Escape from the formality of a company that lives from machines . The creativity is the greatest asset as a team . Feelings makes a  big difference at work. LIVING ART is the result of creativity and competence of two sisters, Ana Maia and Rosa Piatti . Architects , designers and visual artists .

This bold , creative and efficient team, which started first in 1995, saw the art , through design , the most dignified and correct way of living .

Painting, collage , sculpture , cut and many other techniques have been introduced to their unique creations , differentiated , always directed and well absorbed by a demanding public worship.

A public keen eye . Fascination and awe for the knowledge of the peculiarities of an identity , a culture . Identity often forgotten and overwhelmed , soulless … LIVING ART is like a cry , a warning to globalized societies that is destroying the conditions of human life .

Entering the national and international market , products with strong artistic appeal and cultural universal language , designed through processes based on the concepts of ecological sustainability and social justice, the LIVE ART won his challenge.

Currently, LIVE ART , employs over 100 employees and has as one of its objectives , teaching crafts to the population of poor communities by promoting them and increasing , improving quality of life .

Renowned for its versatility and dynamism , awarded in several parts of the world ( Brazil , USA and Europe ) the LIVE ART innovates and excels , breaking its borders increasingly imposing pace in adversity and never disappear under the influence of modern mass .

Creating new media , diversifying production and increasingly surprising , due to the quality , is the creativity , the basic concept of their creators remain alive and intense as art . “

If you have enjoyed the concept the our products, visit our website:


Next week we are going to launch our e-shop! Don’t miss it, there are lots of surprises and gifts to win!!!!!!


A. Kolb